Alexis Demachy joins New York as Art Director

Kat Gabrielle · Jul 11, 2016

Alexis is a French Digital Art Director and joins NYC as Art Director. He crafts interactive experiences for the web, mobile devices and custom installations and loves working on bringing fresh interactive concepts to life through experimenting with the new.

Whether using innovative tools, 3D, music, sound, video, motion design or a combination of simple typography and fine photography, his main focus is to have fun using new design or tech possibilities.

Ultimately, Alexis is adamant about sharing his excitement with a team of skilled people and never stops learning. He began his journey with interactive storytelling at Gobelins School 10 years ago, in Paris. Since then he has been given the opportunity to work at Les Chinois Studio, Digitas France, Soleil Noir - where he spent the last 3 years crafting immersive websites with brilliant colleagues, and finally, Your Majesty.

Alexis considers his job done when people can enjoy that little bit of magic the digital world can bring.