Olle Larsson joins Amsterdam as Senior Designer

Magnus Lowing · Jul 29, 2016

Olle was born in a small town in the middle of Sweden and spent most of his life on the go. With a strong passion for traveling, he believes that meeting new people in different environments is the true way of keeping an open mind.

He moved to Amsterdam seven years ago where he thought he would just stay for a couple of months. After seven years in Mokum he now calls it home. For the past four years, Olle has been freelancing as a digital designer for global agencies all around the world, including cities like Beijing, Berlin, Dubai and Stockholm.

When Olle is not in front of the screen he will either shake his ass in a manner that somewhat resembles a dance, chill at home with a whiskey and listen to some of his newly acquired records or go for a very long run. In fact, he has plans to run from Amsterdam to Bruges (230km) in the near future.