Architecting an enterprise platform

How do you create a truly modular and extendable user experience for one of the largest automotive brands? And how do you make sure it has longevity when technology constantly changes and new platforms and devices emerge? consists of 10k+ pages and was getting outdated. We helped build a site that allows content editors to quickly assemble pages without having to be locked down to predefined templates.

We architected and implemented an Angular based library with 50+ components for the content team to use as they see fit. Components are self-contained and can be added to any page, in any constellation. This enables a truly dynamic content authoring experience with few limits.

Project highlights:

1. Components ranging from simple to complex. Dealer locator, contextual forms and special offers search stand out as main features.

2. User location is tracked for optimal serving of regional offers and content.

3. Large amount of pages for series and models, offers and local dealers, all built using the component library.

4. Fully responsive components utilizing resolution specific image assets and fluid typography.


Front-end development, backend integration and optimization. Adobe Experience Manager.








Press: JD Power Award - Summer 2015


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