B2B made simple

How do we help busy business owners find the products and services that are right for them? Your Majesty created Google Business Solutions to be as intuitive as, well, Googling.

BBH London invited Your Majesty to design and build a hub for the full suite of Google business products. We designed a simple interface to help busy entrepreneurs to find the solutions they were looking for quickly and enjoyably. And we built it to be explored from any device.

Thanks to its accessibility and efficiency, the Google Business Solutions site provides Google with a more effective platform for attracting and retaining business customers. It’s a perfect solution if we do say so ourselves.


Google Business Solutions


BBH London, Google


Developed creative strategy; designed and animated the site; developed it in HTML5/CSS3 and used Google Swiffy tool for accessibility across all devices


A home for all of Google’s B2B solutions that’s as easy-to-use and effective as its products; 135% increase in AdWords clicks; +131% increase in Adwords advertisers who posted an ad; 617% increase in Apps business trials

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