Breaking the mold of traditional agency websites

How do you reinvigorate an agency with a 35-year legacy? Fallon felt its digital presence wasn’t representing the agency or its work well. So, it reached out to Your Majesty to collaborate on a new and totally unique website.

Together with artist and creative director Anita Fontaine, we set out to develop a very simple site structure that could support a great deal of self-expression and animation. We wanted each page to feel familiar yet kind of like an LSD trip. What’s more, our concept would allow Fallon’s 200+ employees to directly edit their own sections of the site, much like a bygone GeoCities or MySpace page. No filters, anything goes.

The agency’s work—a mix of iconic advertisements from the 1990s and recent Super Bowl ads—shares site space with burger GIFs and word art.


Fallon Website




Anita Fontaine


Prototyping, design, UX, CMS, front- and back-end development.


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