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How do you challenge a business model that relies largely on multi-brand boutiques and department stores for distribution? With 24 releases per year, brings everyday originality directly to consumers.

“The idea behind The New Now is to bring my original inspiration and designs closer to you. Pure and unedited. I believe in originality in the everyday: that clothes should bring out individual style and personality, 24/7. The quintessential Thakoon Girl is confident, expressive, and always on the hunt for what’s next. That’s why I’m so excited to be able to deliver my designs directly to you via, with immediate access to the most current collections. Fashion moves at the speed of light, and I want to help you keep up with it.” —Thakoon

In an attempt to bridge the gap between what consumers want and what fashion retailers traditionally provide, fashion darling Thakoon approached us to help define the strategy and design for its new ecommerce site.

With four seasons a year, and six product drops per season in mind, we conducted workshops with the Thakoon team to understand and define this new shopping experience. Based on customer expectations and industry best practices, we developed proto personas to get an understanding of the different user paths. One of the big concepts we arrived at was infusing editorial content with the products in a way that didn’t compromise the ease of shopping. We built and iterated over countless prototypes and conducted regular user testing to arrive at the ideal shopping experience.

We came out of our workshops with a number of goals: to create a new and compelling engagement for digital natives; to provide a familiar user experience for current customers; to communicate the benefits of “Designer Now” fashion concept; to set expectations regarding delivery, product lifespans and other ecommerce processes; and to offer an elevated, story-driven experience. To support these objectives, we established a modern, effortless, approachable design direction and a platform that could handle 24 product flows annually. Real users tested and gave feedback on desktop and mobile template prototypes, which we iterated in 14 weeks of sprints. The result is a stylish, engaging site that can handle a high volume of updates, products and customers looking for their next fashion fix.


Thakoon E-commerce Platform




Research, workshop, information architecture, user experience (UX), wireframes, prototyping, responsive web design, style guide, animation references.


Suburbia, LYONSCG


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