Giving fans the rock star treatment

How do you give fans a taste of the rock star lifestyle? To build awareness for MiO Liquid Water Enhancers among club-goers, we built an interactive music video in which fans guide renowned DJ Steve Angello to his next gig.

Like many an exciting creative endeavor, MiO Energy and Rebel Studio’s “choose your own adventure”-style music video came with many technical challenges. Enter Your Majesty.

We worked closely with the production company Rebels to capture top-quality HD video footage that would load quickly as fans moved from one decision to the next. Using this footage, we built the underlying decision-making engine that made it possible to transition quickly and smoothly between videos without missing a beat. Our technical advisors and designers provided constant guidance to ensure the overall experience was responsive, working equally well on cinema screens and tablets.

MiO Nights positioned its products as a perfect complement to an adventurous night out. Creatively compelling and technically flawless, the experience attracted nearly 200,000 fans, who watched, created, and shared videos. And it caught the attention of sites like FWA and Awwwards, both of whom named it Site of the Day.


MiO Nights


MiO Energy, Rebels Studios


Provided technical direction, technical development, and design support


20,000 unique visits the first week and 198,541 unique visits over the duration of the campaign, countless tweets, and awards recognition


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