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Helping Tom’s help shoppers make smart decisions

By rapidly prototyping and testing the design with its readers, we helped the editorial team at Tom’s Guide realize its vision as a tech publication that anticipates the needs of modern shoppers.

The writers at Tom’s Guide pride themselves on putting technology in layman’s terms. Whether they’re listing the best fitness trackers on the market or summarizing Apple’s latest keynote, guiding the average customer through the turbulent world of tech is what they do best. They chose Your Majesty to design a new home for their reviews, news, buying guides and more.

This challenging task required a holistic rethinking of what Tom’s Guide offers its readers. Our research revealed that they’re hardly passive recipients of information. Rather, they’re active researchers who jump between 5 or more browser tabs per session, comparing multiple products at a time and skimming reviews for key specs. In other words, they’re on a mission, and the redesign needed to address this. With that in mind, we envisioned a tech publication that could serve goal-oriented readers in new ways, with functional tools, a smarter search experience, new comparison features and lifestyle-based editorial recommendations. A redesign of the information architecture and improved tagging made life easier for writers, too.

Tom’s Guide and Your Majesty continue to collaborate on the site’s ongoing development.


Tom's Guide Rebranding & Redesign


Tom's Guide


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