Launching a new product in a crowded market

How do you launch a new sports supplement into an already saturated market? With a 360 launch designed to go the distance.

The scientists behind X2PERFORMANCE invited Your Majesty to bring their product to market. We conducted extensive research to reach a target audience open to a new type of supplement at the given price point. Using this research, we created a strategic platform covering all aspects of the launch, from building awareness through purchase—and beyond.

Because X2PERFORMANCE was only available online, a solid e-commerce platform was essential. Our solution was fully responsive, ensuring sales across all devices, with a purchase path that made conversion easy even for first-time customers.

We designed and developed the brand’s identity and packaging, as well as all educational and marketing content. Following the January 2013 launch, we raised awareness of the product through social media and leveraged an Ironman partnership and events.

With a launch platform and e-commerce site built to endure, X2PERFORMANCE continues to gain traction with dedicated athletes looking to optimize their natural performance.


X2PERFORMANCE product launch




Conducted market research; developed marketing and advertising strategy; created brand identity, packaging; produced original branded photo and video content, motion graphics, print advertising, apparel design; designed and developed responsive e-commerce website; planned and documented events; developed and managed social media campaigns. Prototyping, user experience, interface, sound effects, voice-over, 3D design, 3D animation, UX, site design, mobile experience, print, advertising, app design; front-end development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript; back-end development: Node.js, MongoDB, Memcached.


A successful 360 product launch with growing awareness among athletes.

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