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Turning US Open fans into performers

How do you give tennis fans a chance to experience what it’s like to play like the greats? At the 2013 US Open, we transformed amateur swings into works of art.

For its annual American Express Fan Experience, Momentum invited us to help transform fans’ tennis swings into generative art with two distinct installations.

At the “Art & Sound of Tennis” installation, we customized tennis racquets with motion sensors for participants to swing as a crowd of spectators looked on. Each swing simultaneously generated stunning tennis-themed visuals and sound on a 30’ LED screen.

At the more intimate “Swing Analysis” session, card members met with a pro instructor, and then showed off their improved swing for a one-of-a-kind portrait session. Stroboscopic lighting and high-speed photography captured the path of their swings, appearing as trails of lights thanks to a custom-built LED racquet.

It was the largest ever American Express Fan Experience, attracting more than 14,000 participants. Using a custom app and real-time image processing, we created digital portraits of every participant with their unique creation, enabling their artful swings to live on in social media and beyond.


The American Express Fan Experience


Momentum Worldwide, Red Paper Heart


Built custom motion sensor and LED tennis racquets, designed audio and video, programmed generative art algorithm, developed custom image-processing application, built and ran installations


More than 10,000 fans participated

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