US Olympic athlete stories, Sochi 2014

How can we champion Team USA athletes and boost brand goodwill? By presenting their inspiring stories through an immersive online experience.

Citi, a Team USA partner, committed $500,000 through their Every Step of the Way® program in support of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes and their selected causes.

Your Majesty was invited by Publicis Kaplan Thaler to build a second-phase campaign experience that allows fans to dig deeper into the athletes' journeys to the Games, while allocating donations to the featured causes.

We created a rapidly-activated prototype that demonstrated our creative and technical vision, then elaborated on this concept over a short product development cycle. The final product resulted in a connected experience that told the athletes' stories using scrollable video sequences and user-responsive animations.

Providing the finest quality content while maintaining optimal performance was a crucial factor. Our team explored numerous approaches to strike an ideal balance between functionality, interactivity and storyline, resulting in heightened public attention, fan support, and fully allocated donations.


Citi's Every Step of the Way US Winter Olympics platform


Publicis Kaplan Thaler


Designed and developed a responsive, parallax online experience.


A story-focused online experience that increased fan awareness, support for US Winter Olympic athletes, and brand good will.


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