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How can we provide people with a reliable weather forecast as a service? Our latest joint venture, Climendo, uses big data to predict the weather, everywhere.

In 2013, two brothers from Sweden started Climendo as an answer to comprehensive weather prediction, following other comparative services application models people use and love. Climendo is an independent weather prediction company with a goal of delivering more reliable weather information to people, everywhere.

By collecting forecast data from a variety of weather sources and comparing these with over 10,000 of the world’s weather observation station reports, Climendo can determine which provider is the most accurate for any location, helping people better plan for the hour, day or week ahead.

Climendo became one of the most downloaded weather apps in the Swedish App Store in 2013. In 2014 Your Majesty joined the venture to bring the brand and service to the global market.

Our process: Develop a new brand ID for Climendo, featuring new logotype, color palette and iconography.

Iterate on the existing backend architecture and improve comparison algorithms in order to enable support for thousands of concurrent users and distill weather data in near real-time.

Redesign and rebuild Climendo mobile apps — both iOS and Android versions have been completely revamped from the ground up, focusing on speed and simplicity.

Since the global launch in July 2014, Climendo achieved top App store status—it reclaimed its position as the number one best selling Weather app in Sweden in February 2015 with five stars rating. Within 24 hours of launch it was recognized in international press, such as Engadget and The Next Web as a new leader in weather prediction.

We are excited to evolve and expand Climendo services, and look forward to rolling out a new series of features including: hourly forecasts, in-app infographics and a newly revamped website.

Climendo is currently available for iOS and Android, with both Free and Paid versions.


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No. 1 weather app in Swedish App Store, Spring 2015 • Top 5 Weather app in the US within 24h • 4th in Netherlands

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