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The Humorous, Absurd, Plural, and Defiant Story of Generation Z

Illustration by Viet Hoang
Images via ABC, National Geographic, New York Times, CBC.CA,,
Billie Eilish's "world-weariness" aesthetic and songs speak to the subliminal anxiety of her generation. Image via @Aamirah_salie, VEVO/ Billie Eilish's MV: "bury a friend."
TikTok video via @matti_harrington
“So A Lot Of You Guys Have Been Asking About My Flight Routine.” Images via
GenZ idealizes visual oddity and aestheticizes imperfection. Image via Instagram/@chinventures /@beckiboobi
Image via TikTok/ @islagemini, @afroxlatino, @eyesrodgers, @austinpayton
Fresh Kid, a Ugandan eight-year-old rapper becomes popular on YouTube by his social commentary songs. Image via YouTube.
Image via Twitter / @tyisha369 @_kateyclark
Image via Kyodo News, Rest of World, Climate Change News, Vox/ Omar Marques
During Namibia’s anti-gender-based-violence movement, activists use unrestricted Google Docs to further expands their campaign agenda. is a website that helps Hong Kong activists organize activities in anonymity. A button in the settings window allows users to mask the site under a fake Excel sheet, which allows activists to use the site at work.
Rhythmic, and poetic, "Buhari...has been a bad boy" becomes the anthem of the #SARSMustEnd Movement. Video via YouTube
"GenZers are both heroes of our times and victims of their circumstances."
"What is then our role in realizing this prophecy?"
Senior Strategist
Viet Hoang