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Your Majesty’s Year in Review 2021

The year when vibes synced in inverse correlations with the Covid-19 infection rates.

It was a choppy year, starting with the hope of great vaccines and a sure recovery to the normal days.

We felt the good vibes rising.

We started returning to the office, hitting the gyms, having lunch at restaurants, being ecstatic about having drinks in-person with colleagues again.

Life was good.

And then fall came, and it all shuddered to a halt.

Distancing, masks, take-out only, and then the anticlimax of The Netherlands becoming the first EU country to go into lockdown again.

Still, it was a good year

Despite the ups and downs of the pandemic, 2021 was mostly up for Your Majesty, and I look back on it as a year of recovery, new energy, and positive change.

Seeing each other in person was the definite highlight.

Here’s what made Your Majesty special in 2021

We helped Airbnb spread the love for Valentine’s day.

We started to understand The Humorous, Absurd, Plural, and Defiant Story of Generation Z.

The Humorous, Absurd, Plural, and Defiant Story of Generation Z.

We distilled Blush Jewels brand DNA and defined its new go-to-market strategy.

RESPONSIBLE—Powering recommerce for streetwear brands.

We created the brand and visual identity for RESPONSIBLE Clothing, making it look sharp in time for its successful €6m funding round.

We teamed up with the Metaverse pioneers, Unmateriality, and transformed the company into ALTAVA Group.

We also branded ALTAVA’s fashion style game and NFT Marketplace.

ALTAVA Group digitizing the attendees at the 2021 Met Gala. Video source:
We welcomed eight knights from different eight countries — 👋 Nils 🇩🇪, Sara 🇬🇧, Gabrielle 🇸🇪, Sunniva 🇳🇴, Emma 🇨🇦, Kaat 🇧🇪, Didier 🇳🇱, and Elena 🇪🇸

We led the complete brand and digital transformation of Dutch interior brand POLSPOTTEN. Its new brand and digital touchpoints are rolling out in 2022.

We cheered on when The Fabricant with LEELA won Dutch Design Award’s Fashion category.

We worked with SoleSavy to create the sneaker community of tomorrow.

We moved into our glorious new offices at Koivistokade 78 in Amsterdam’s Houthavens.

We also honored our shared journey with some remarkable people that left us during the year. Thank you, Olle, Nishita, Hugo, and Lotte.

Also, a big THANK YOU to everyone who made 2021 brighter—our team, alumni, clients, and collaborators.

2022 will be the year of transformation

There is a lot to look forward to in the new year. Long overdue, we’ve been working on something big—the next dynasty of Your Majesty.

It will not happen overnight, but the change will be consistent throughout the year.

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And no, we're not launching an NFT PFP project... There are already enough of those in the making. Although, I would be lying if I said we didn't consider it...

Best wishes for a creative and prosperous 2022.

General Manager
Georgios Athanassiadis