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Your Majesty’s 2022 In Review

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If 2021 was the choppy pandemic year, 2022 was when things felt normal again. We were finally free to visit friends and families as we pleased, and, as a bunch of foodies, we could enjoy Amsterdam’s bustling restaurant and bar life once more.

And in our 16-year run with Your Majesty, 12 years leading from our HQ in Amsterdam, I’m incredibly proud to say that 2022 was our strongest year in business.

With 31% growth of the firm, we have bounced back to our pre-pandemic size, and in the process, we had the pleasure and privilege of doing impactful work with our long-term clients and people and welcoming plenty of new people and clients throughout the year.

In the studio,

we spent our time working on more extensive and complex digital product projects.

The good thing about such engagements are that it tests our skills and keeps us on the cutting edge. The (slight) downside is that most of the work is behind NDA, and we can’t reveal precisely what it is all about…

However, we have a ton of things to be grateful for and here are a few of the highlights that made Your Majesty a special place in 2022.

Our 2022 highlights

We welcomed one of the world’s premier auction houses as a client to explore what the future of pre-loved luxury looks and feels like online.

Garrixon hero image

We worked with Garrixon to lead its brand transformation and articulate its brand narrative and purpose— ‘Made for Makers.’

What is the Metaverse? Interview Viet Hoang with Bloomberg Quicktakes

We represented the Netherlands at SXSW were we gave keynotes about considerations for better fashion experiences online and hosted a panel on the Future of Fashion in The Metaverse.

Future of fashion in the metaverse panel at SXSW

Future of fashion in the metaverse panel at SXSW

SXSW Panel: Future of Fashion in The Metaverse with Lyra Ventures, ALTAVA GROUP, LUKSO & The Dematerialised, and Cathy Hackl.

A photo of our new team members.

We welcomed six new curious talents to the team. 👋 🇷🇸 Vanja, 🇬🇧 Sarah, 🇫🇷 Zelda, 🇳🇱 Lars, 🍕 Francesco, 🇫🇷 Nastassia.

We worked with an American NGO and its ad agency to help teens become better advocates for social causes.

Our biggest obsession was Generative AI and how it can assist in creativity. We got to put our learnings to practice through our work for Armada Music’s campaign for Armin van Buuren.

Armin van Buuren — 'Computers take over the world' - Campaign and video completely generated by AIs.

Through our continued work with Shell Recharge, formerly NewMotion, we moved electric mobility forward, seeing 101,279,200 kWhs being charged and a 110% increase from 2021.

DSS Munich 2022

DSS Munich 2022

Georgios, MD, spoke at DSS Munich.

Actually... We talked a lot about Metaverse, in Austin, Monaco, London, and Munich, about fashion’s role within it, the opportunities and risks it has on society, how to think about designing experiences for it, and why we believe the gaming industry will play the critical role in its success.

We worked with Dopper to keep its site fresh, resulting in a website of the year nomination for 2nd year in a row, and launch its new product line—Dopper Water Tap.

Introducing the Dopper Water Tap

HNK new branding

HNK new branding

'Het Nieuwe Kantoor’ (The New Office) became ’HNK’ through its brand transformation and we started seeing the newly made identity rolling out across 10 cities in The Netherlands.

We joined a network of illustrious agency founders and leaders as Your Majesty got voted into the global Society of Digital Agencies.

We shipped 25 issues of 10 Things our bi-weekly newsletter that contains a curated mix of the best in design, tech, business, and random internet awesomeness.

Did you know that each 10 things cover is designed by someone in our team using a style or technique they haven't tried before?

Thanks to everyone who made it special

To our clients, our teams, alums, advisors, friends and family, and supporters - big thanks for sharing your year with us, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 has to offer.

Your Majesty

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