ALTAVA picks Your Majesty as brand and digital product agency

Jul 30, 2021

Former Unmatereality (new name ALTAVA GROUP) is a Singapore-based company, leading in 3D gaming and interactive technology solutions for the fashion industry with offices in Seoul, Beijing, Rotterdam, and Paris.

Your Majesty has been hired to be Unmatereality’s brand and digital product agency. The engagement involves working on a series of projects throughout the fall of 2021.

There are agencies with impressive track records developing brands for some of the world’s most innovative companies. And there are agencies whose strategic brilliance is reflected in their thought leadership. But there are relatively few agencies possessing all this who were also early participants in the metaverse ( particularly as it pertains to the newly-intertwined worlds of fashion and gaming.)

That is where Your Majesty sits.

— Debra Langley, Advisor, Unmatereality