Cavalier Wins Awwwards Innovation Site of the Year

Feb 6, 2017
James Widegren and Magnus Löwing picking up the award in London.

February 3, 2017 · Grand Connaught Rooms · City of London.

Your Majesty was honored to receive the 2016 Experimental / Innovation Site of the Year award for Cavalier: Conqueror of Excellence.

Awwwards is the awards that recognizes the talent and effort of the best interactive designers, developers and agencies in the world. Every year they hold a prize giving ceremony where the creators of the best web projects of the previous 12 months are awarded a trophy to reward them for their talent and dedication. This recognition is held in high esteem in the industry and prizes range from Agency of the Year, Experimental Site of the Year and User’s Choice among others.

As part of Your Majesty’s R&D practice, we launched a platform combining the very latest in digital technology.

Posture & Balance is the first challenge in a series of games for Cavalier, our proprietary platform for experimental experiences. Built on the latest web technologies, including WebGL, SVG animation and 3D Web Audio, Your Majesty uses this platform to create immersive experiences in a way that encourages R&D and experimentation.

It inspires our team to innovate and learn new skills that foster personal growth and skills that can be applied to client work.

The Cavalier platform plays on the metaphor of historical challenges, in which a squire has to reach excellence in order to rise a knight.