Catherine Arpö joins Amsterdam as Strategy Squire

Sep 13, 2017

Catherine is a strategist driven by an inquisitive, empathetic, and enthusiastic nature. After her endeavours in engineering and industrial design, she attended the Digital Media Creative program at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, Sweden. She has now joined Your Majesty Amsterdam as a strategy squire and aims to contribute with her compulsive need of making sense of human behavior.

Things that have been focal points over the years include everything from politics to geography, physics to biology, and mathematics to behavioral science. This never-ceasing urge to learn, understand, and connect the dots between seemingly unrelated subjects, is what led her to want to become a strategist.

Catherine loves experiencing new things and gets energy from meeting different kinds of people, acquiring new skills, and exploring unknown places. In her time off, you’ll most likely find her working on creative projects of her own, playing guitar or exploring her new home that is Amsterdam.