Denise Pires joins Amsterdam as UX Designer

Jan 31, 2017

Denise,originally from the magical Cape Verde Islands, but born and raised in Rotterdam: a city that she refuses to leave. She grew up with a strong interest in digital and design, studying already as a child how to push the boundaries of her MS-DOS computer.

She dreamt of becoming an interior designer, but her interest for digital took the best of her. After receiving her degree in Visual Interaction Design from the Willem de Kooning Academy she started her career at the leading Dutch user experience research agency, Valsplat, as an User Experience Researcher. You’ll hear her ask: ‘Why?’ until you get sick of it. A habit she developed since little and has proven to be extremely helpful in order to keep a fresh eye when pushing the boundaries of concept and design.

During her time at Valsplat she followed the New Media & Digital Culture (Media Studies) Masters programme at the University of Amsterdam. Her academic endeavours helped her shape a critical eye in regards to Media Theory, Internet culture and how to read, understanding and critique data visualisations and interfaces.

Denise transitioned to the field of UX design a few years ago. In this role she has helped several companies integrate user research methods into their own design process. She is super excited to start putting all her experience into practice at Your Majesty and is truly honoured to become part of our knighthood.