Amy Liu joins Amsterdam as Research & UX Design Squire

Apr 6, 2017

Amy is incredibly excited to be joining Your Majesty, Amsterdam to further develop her skills in user research methods and digital design.

She’s originally from LA county, the famous land of sunshine, palm trees and fantastic food. As long as she can remember, Amy has always been fascinated by the study of people and creative expression through art. At UC Berkeley, she studied and worked as a researcher in cognitive psychology and psychiatry. Working on longitudinal studies on ADHD for the US Department of Education and her own thesis project in neuropsychology, Amy honed her skills in academic research.

With a strong desire to bring more creativity into her work, she then joined a small tech startup across the bridge in San Francisco where she first learned of user experience and human centered design. Amy fell in love at first sight; It was the perfect marriage of creative thinking and the study of people. Driven by wanderlust, she decided to pursue her interest in digital design at Hyper Island in Stockholm to broaden her global perspective and kickstart her international career. There she gained skillsets in design processes, group facilitation, feedback and team development strategies. She also gained the power to survive through the Swedish winter - a serious skill.

Amy is passionate about broadening her perspective through personal growth, travel, meeting new people, and trying new things and experiences. She enjoys rock climbing, tasty food, and a good book.