Meet Emma Murray, YM's new digital producer

Jul 23, 2021
Former content producer/designer at Toggle Emma spent a bunch of time wandering through South Africa, Turkey, Germany and her home country Canada.

About Emma

Emma sought a role in a collaborative, design-focused agency, so our Instagram ad for hiring positions reached her at the perfect timing. Emma’s interest was piqued—and with success, as she joins us as a digital producer.

This means a pitstop to her digital nomad lifestyle as she fully embraced the remote life and ended up living in the most interesting places. For the last 6 years, she split her time between working in tech and a side hustle of photojournalism.

Her passion for storytelling shines through with visual storytelling being her main jam.

“New media in tandem with technological innovation has opened up a whole new way to talk about and engage with different stories—I see so much opportunity to engage closely with people and tell complicated stories through accessible methods. From that passion derives my interest in design, photojournalism and production!”
—Emma Murray

Further Emma is an avid reader and podcast devotee, she likes to search for interesting topics or concepts and explore them from various angles. For example, her investigation into the history of Dutch playground design led to hosting several keynotes.

To top it all, she is a real cooking queen and loves nothing more than exploring new cities.