Three new faces, welcome squires!

Oct 31, 2022
Meet Lars Kamman, Vanja Milekovic and Nastassia Toureev

We added this lovely trio to our knighthood of curious people.

Lars Kamman, Developer

My name is Lars and I study Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HVA). We learn to design from the visual and interactive elements through to the technical design. We explore what a user needs through collaboration, communication and interaction. Then from there, we can develop an app, site, game, animation or any other digital media.

CMD is focused on (Front-End) Development as well as Design, which means you can more easily make translations between Design and Development. Sometimes when working with/as a UX or Front-end developer, you can have difficulty understanding each other.

During CMD I also experimented with AR/VR/XR and other Emerging Technologies, and in addition I also looked at what you can do outside a screen in the Minor Immersive Environments.

Before working at Your Majesty, I did an internship at Flatline Agency, where I started working as a (Creative) developer. Here I did Front-End (Kingdom of Something - Awwwards), Motion Design (Vanilia) and UX.

I will be working as a (Front-End) Developer at Your Majesty. Working in symbiosis with producers, designers and other developers, to assist with creating internet applications, websites and beyond.

During this internship, I hope to learn a lot more about the combination of design and development, and about how to work best together within the development team, in combination with learning Next.js (React). In addition, understand all aspects of the design process along the way.

Something my coworkers may not know about me is that, I really like sailing the Dutch waters. Unfortunately I don't do it as often as I would like!

Vanja Milekovic, Office Manager

Felicitations and greetings! My name is Vanja Milekovic, I am 23 years old and I consider myself a to-the-bone third culture kid (cosmopolitan if you will). Ethnically, however, my roots lay in Serbia and Bosnia among other countries unbeknownst to me. Time for a 23 & me test? Perhaps.

I am currently working as the office management intern at Your Majesty. I will be assisting in making the internal experiences at Your Majesty as pleasant as humanly possible. Including administrative tasks and helping the office reach its full potential.

During this internship, I hope to expand my knowledge in the digital design world, which is an industry I previously have had very little encounters with. I hope to also dabble on the project side of the company’s activities. I am currently most intrigued by strategy and marketing.

Something my coworkers may not know about me is I used to be an avid musical theatre enthusiast growing up. My creativity has manifested itself in many ways throughout my life, but this is one I regret not pursuing.

Nastassia Toureev, Designer

My name is Nastassia, I am 23 years old nearly 24 in November. I am from France and I have Russian origins which I’ve aways been proud of because I love the culture and language. I always try to be multi task to save time but sometimes it makes me clumsy.

I am a design intern at Your Majesty, specially in the digital field. That is to say, I’m going to design interfaces like websites and applications, doing some branding and helping on the content creation for social medias.

During this internship, I am really interested in new technologies and exploring this field is one of my goals here. More specifically, I am talking about Augmented and Virtual Reality but also 3D designing. I also want to learn how to work in an agency such as Your Majesty. Prior to working here I was a service designer which is very different so I have some new things to learn.

Something my coworkers may not know about me is that before starting my design studies, I wanted to become an interpreter as I love learning new languages but I am relieved to have chosen design instead.