Shaping the world’s largest art exchange with 11,000 professional and amateur artists from 97 countries.


Andy Warhol Art Exchange · Website

With the Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolut, we invited people from all around the world to unleash their creativity by creating and exchanging digital art.

Participating was easy. At the website you could submit a digital image from your smartphone, laptop or social media account. Or, you could create new art with one of the innovative tools created for this art exchange.

You could use your finger to paint with the custom brushes, explore the beauty of symmetry with the generative pattern maker, transform your body movement into art, or use your smartphone as a virtual brush.

All artworks were displayed in an online gallery. And at the end of each month from October to December, all submissions were matched and every participant received an artwork from another randomly selected artist.

One lucky winner even got an original work by Andy Warhol himself.


  • Over 11,000 people created artworks in 97 countries.
  • Celebrated artists joined in too, including Ryder Ripps, David OReilly and Taylor McKimens.
  • Spinn - Consumer Campaign of the Year
  • 2x Site of the Day
  • 2x Pixel Awards


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