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Raise Green

Branding and launching an environment-first financial product.

Raise Green helps make investing in these solar projects accessible for everyone in local communities. Your Majesty was tasked with creating a stand-out brand identity and developing a go-to-market strategy.
Harnesses Raise Green’s focus on enabling action, not just talk, we designed a brand identity that was both intelligent and credible yet had a down-to-earth, community feel.
After launching the pilot of their investment platform, Raise Green was selected to join ABN AMRO & Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator in 2021. The brand assisted Raise Green in successfully raising 1.2M in 2023, and another 1M in 2023 for climate investment.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Go To Market Strategy

Raise Green’s mission is to accelerate the development of local climate action projects in the US.

Raise Green partners with local leaders to start solar projects in their communities and make investing in these projects accessible for everyone. Your Majesty was tasked with creating a brand identity that sets them apart and developing their go-to-market strategy.

An identity designed to provoke actions

Despite an increase in public discourse around sustainability, tangible measures against climate change remain stagnant. Raise Green is created with a sheer focus on enabling action, not talk. To capture this energy, we developed a brand statement that guided our design process:

We’re done talking. If you want “change,” start here.

The elements in the identity pay homage to past anti-establishment movements.

Giving FinTech an inclusive twist

The Raise Green brand demonstrates intelligence and credibility through direct messaging in combination with an energetic aesthetic. The identity presents investment outcomes such as numbers, quotes, and photographs in a clear and down-to-earth manner, making the brand feel community-based and accessible.

Raise Green’s mission is to accelerate the development of local climate action projects in the US.

Your Majesty is a firm comprising kind, creative, and talented practitioners. At each step of our interaction, we were blown away by the consideration and craftsmanship.

Matt Moroney

COO & Co-founder, Raise Green

Going to market with confidence

In parallel to developing the brand identity, we conducted market and consumer research to establish Raise Green’s go-to-market strategy. The plan outlined:

  1. Raise Green’s unique product advantages
  2. The areas where Raise Green can competitively thrive
  3. The customer niches that Raise Green can best resonate with
  4. The positioning and communication plans for two sides of their platform

We really appreciate your work, and we love that this plan is so timely, relevant, actionable, and immediately deployable.

Franz Hochstrasser

CEO, Raise Green

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