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A digital product enabling textile pattern designers to do business during lockdown.

Pre-pandemic UK-based textile design firm, RMJ Studio would meet their textile customers in person. When lockdown hit, the team didn’t let the pandemic stop them. They asked Your Majesty to build an online tool that would allow them to continue doing business.
We prototyped a tool that enables textile designers to securely organize, visualize, and share textile pattern designs online.
After just six weeks, RMJ put the MVP to the test with its customers, and after such positive feedback, SwatchEditor was born. Next, we built version 1.0 which also included a monetization functionality through Stripe.
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When the pandemic hit, tradeshows were among the first events to stop. UK-based textile design firm, RMJ Studio, didn’t just want to stay put during the lockdown and applied for a UK grant to innovate itself out of the crisis.

RMJ asked us to define and build an online tool that allows textile designers to securely organize, visualize, and share textile pattern designs online, enabling them to continue doing business without being in person with their customers.

SwatchEditor bridges the gap between creativity and sales by enabling 3D visualization and sharing with a few clicks.

From idea to MVP in six weeks

We put together a core team consisting of a product strategist, producer, lead designer, and full-stack engineer.

The team worked iteratively with the client over six weeks to develop an MVP that created the most important feature—visualization.

SwatchEditor offers a range of 3D garments to visualize patterns. For premium subscriptions, SwatchEditor adds the ability to upload custom 3D models.

Validated for primetime

Using the MVP, the client team could test the value proposition with its customers.

After receiving positive feedback, SwatchEditor was born and we continued to build out version 1.0 that included monetization functionality using Stripe subscriptions.

In addition to visualizing swatches on 3D models, users can combine multiple swatches and edit them with scale, pan, rotation, and colors.

Introducing SwatchEditor—a digital product that helps textile pattern designers visualize, organize, and share creations with their audiences.

Working with Your Majesty to innovate a way to combat textile waste, tackle energy issues and promote a new future has been an incredible experience. Their 3D technical expertise and sense of fun delivered an MVP which was beyond our expectations.

Roseanna Jiggins

Co-Founder and Creative Director, RMJ Studio

Under the hood, the responsive web application is built by combining Next.js, React, Storyblok CMS, Vercel, Firebase, and Stripe.



Weeks—from idea to MVP.


The initial version included a monetization functionality through a Stripe subscription integration.

SwatchEditor launched in 2020 and now offers textile pattern designers an easy way to visualize, play with, and sell their products to prospective customers worldwide—without needing to travel.

Learn more and sign up for a free trial at

Discover more about SwatchEditor in UKFT—the biggest network for UK fashion and textile designers.

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