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Designing an impact report that people actually read.

Otrium is an end-of-season retailer; selling excess inventory to create a more circular fashion economy. In an effort to be transparent and report their positive impact on the fashion industry, the team wanted to produce a digestible and accessible impact report.

We designed and built an annual impact report that was designed to be read, and not just a CSR box ticking exercise.

The result was an unexpected digital experience that combined a story-driven narrative with generative-AI assets and data visualisations—presenting Otrium’s 2022 impact metrics in an equally engaging and informative way.


In the first two weeks, the report received over 500 readers per day. Going beyond just interest, readers demonstrated intent, with 1400 customers signing up and 35 fashion brands reaching out to sell their clothes on Otrium.

Rewarding the craftsmanship going into the site, the site received an Honorable mention at the Awwwards website awards.

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  • Website & Platform
  • Product & UX Strategy

Otrium works with brands to sell excess inventory and create a more circular fashion economy. They measure and report annually, using data to drive decision making and with a focus on the triple bottom line (profit, planet and people).

As of 2025, 50,000 companies across Europe will be required to report on their environmental impact and sustainability practices. Having published their annual impact report since 2020, Otrium is committed to leading the way in the fashion category.

A collage of Otrium's branded assets

The Otrium team tasked us with bringing the 2022 report to life online. Their intention was to move away from a static PDF format and make their impact more digestible and accessible to all.

In a category tainted by greenwashing and pseudo-scientific sustainability promises, Otrium wanted to demonstrate their impact not just to brand partners but end-customers too. Encouraging everyone to make more informed fashion choices to create a better fashion industry.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Your Majesty to anyone seeking a service that combines a pleasant working atmosphere with outstanding outcomes. Our project's success is a step in the right direction for the future of sustainability reporting.

Marlot Kiveron

Head of Sustainability, Otrium

For this project, storytelling was essential: data alone doesn’t engage readers. In order to make the report digestible and accessible, we created an introduction that sets the context and aims to garner interest.

Inspired by the fashion industry’s latest obsession: the metaverse, we decided to anchor the report in a new reality. The message being: instead of investing in an alternative world we need to fix the one we currently have (and all too often neglect).

As such we needed to create a visual world that illustrated a warped reality. By crafting prompts, we tested and explored the outputs of various generative AI tools, including Deforum and Stable Diffusion.

Once we agreed on a suitable aesthetic, we were able to generate images that fit the sequence of the narrative, a journey through the ‘warped’ world. We chose mostly images over video to ensure the load times for the web experience were fast.

The development and design teams collaborated to seamlessly stitch the images together. A WebGL shader effect with a glitch-like transition was chosen to offer an apt animation for the narrative, as the user scrolled through the images and text.

The landing page was designed as a mobile-first, scrolling experience - taking users seamlessly from this ‘warped’ world and a storytelling-focused introduction to the 4x chapters. Should the reader want to learn more they were able to dive deeper within each chapter to uncover more data.

Creating a compelling storyline for the intro sequence was the most challenging and inspiring aspect of this project. It involved blending this with the fundamental challenge of sustainability reports as PDFs. Your Majesty's expertise made the entire experience seamless and modern.

Paul Aguirre

Brand Marketing Director, Otrium



Readers der day during the campaign.


New customer signups.


New Leads interested in joining Otrium’s platform.


Honorable Mention in Awwwards website awards.


Of Twinkle Magazine on Digital Commerce.

In just the first two weeks, the results spoke for themselves. Readers demonstrated interest and intent, with new customer sign ups and fashion brands reaching out to sell their clothes on Otrium.

Check out the 2022 Impact Report ↗

Are you ready for the new sustainability reporting directive?

The new, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is looming over many business leaders across Europe, soon requiring over 49,000 organisations to report on their impact.

While reporting this data is time-intensive, you can view this process as a brand-building exercise rather than just a box to be checked.

Showcasing the results in an engaging and digestible format gives you an opportunity to engage in transparent and meaningful conversations with your customers, clients and stakeholders.

That’s where Your Majesty comes in — bring your sustainability story to life through an interactive, digital storytelling platform. Showcase data in a format that resonates with readers, whilst also building your brand. Help to make sustainability reporting easier to understand and appreciated by consumers globally.

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